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Indonesian Rain Forest Dome Roof Repair Fund

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You can help the Zoo make vital repairs to the Indonesian Rain Forest dome roof today!

As we get ready for Season 59, we need your help to preserve and repair one of the most iconic parts of the Zoo: the Indonesian Rain Forest dome.

You see, the dome was first constructed in 1994. Since then, the roof has weathered decades worth of summer storms, hot sunny days, and humidity radiating from the inside out. The dome itself has even welcomed over 12.5 million visitors! 

While we’ve worked hard to maintain the roof since then – 28 years is a long time! And though we thought we’d have a few more years before it would need major repairs, the project moved up the priority list after we had to pull back on non-urgent maintenance needs in 2020 and had some pretty severe storms this past summer that caused additional wear and tear that was unexpected. 

Repairs to the dome roof will include replacing the outermost layer of the dome, while also restoring the seals between the triangular glass panels. These repairs won't start until next winter, but we need to raise the extra funds today so that we are ready to go when its time to start the work. 

The time is now. Will you make a gift today to help make these necessary repairs happen to the rain forest dome roof?

When you make a gift to the dome roof repair project, you’ll be helping the Zoo install replacement insulation, hire contractors to complete the work, and even – to really get down to the details – pay for the seals that holds the glass panels together.

And yet, your gift will do so much more.

Your gift will transport kids to a world of adventure in a rain forest that feels far away, but is really just in their own back yard. You’ll help them connect with the incredible animals that scurry, swim, and soar throughout the dome. You’ll even help them use their imaginations as they transform into rainforest explorers, navigating their way underneath waterfalls and over bridges.

When you make a gift today, you’re helping to preserve the rain forest dome for the next generation of children and families.


Will you considering making a gift to help repair the Indonesian Rain Forest dome roof today?