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Greatest Need Fund

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When you make a gift to support the Zoo's greatest needs, you're helping create smiles for thousands of children and families this summer.

With over 600,000 children and families entering through the front gates each year, it’s normal to need time over the winter to make necessary repairs from the wear and tear that happened throughout the summer.

During the off-season, Zoo staff have been busily preparing for Season 59 – like servicing the well-loved Endangered Species Carousel or renovating pathways where thousands of children and families journeyed throughout the Zoo, connecting with incredible animals while also connecting with one another. 

Your gift will help do this and so much more. 

When you make a gift today, you’re helping the Zoo prepare for all the fun that’s to come this summer. Your gift will not only help make needed repairs and support daily operations, but it will also help fund our incredible education programs, capital improvements, conservation projects, and exceptional care for the 1,500 animals that call the Zoo home 365 days a year…

So that thousands of kids can have another great day at the Zoo this summer. 

Until we're back at the front gates for Opening Day on April 22, will you consider making a gift today to help us prepare for Season 59?

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